Tuesday, March 03, 2015

What is God like?

It seems that many criticisms of God, or arguments against His existence, are based on the misbehavior of His followers. If He did exist, or was truly good and all powerful as some claim, His followers would never kill or hate or do anything bad in His name. This presupposes that He would control us like robots or puppets.
If this were so, there wouldn't be anybody who wasn't a Christian, and nobody would be raising this objection. It's kind of funny to me how these critics would wish themselves out of existence. Since they think of themselves as free thinkers, unencumbered by religion and dogma, wouldn't they find such an existence, to be completely in the control of Someone else, intolerable? Could they call such a being good or loving? Wouldn't He be the kind of tyrannical, freedom-hating despot they profess to hate above all things?
No, they wouldn't mind. They'd be programmed not to.
I can't fault that argument as far as it goes: I too have never seen any evidence that such a controlling God exists.
So instead of a micromanaging deity, what if God allows us to make our own decisions? What if He allowed us even the freedom to act as if He didn't exist? Isn't that the kind of God such people would approve of? Almost. If God were like that, they'd have to shut up.

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